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Platform Issues

Fiscal Governance and Accountability

  • Planning for long-term financial independence when American Rescue Plan Act money runs out.

  • Support responsible spending of public funds and stop wasteful projects. 

  • Get away from applying for every grant available (or 'free' money) if the grant does not address a community priority.

local Government

  • Address and eliminate conflicts of Interest, such as personal relationships between elected officials, staff, and hand-picked residents, non-profits, and vendors.

  • Modeling the Glendale, AZ public expenditure database called 'Follow Your Money,' create a public performance dashboard that discloses county money in real-time and tracks the progress of ACC's adopted strategic plan

  • Regular publicly accessible compliance reports for non-profits and vendors receiving funding support from ACC.

  • Require all budget presentations, meetings, and discussions to be a public session.

Improving Quality
of Life for District 6

  • Address traffic congestion along Atlanta Highway and other major corridors in Athens

  • Prioritize economic growth and attract new businesses through the mall redevelopment, TAD implementation, and efficient land development

  • Address property tax relief by identifying homeowner-friendly millage rates

Support for Public Safety Community

  • Support initiatives that decrease crime and keep residents safe

  • Quickly post and fill vacancies in critical public safety positions.

  • Ensure public safety personnel have the equipment necessary to do their jobs safely.

Steph for six

paid for by the committee to elect Stephanie Johnson

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